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Intro to The Open

Live The Questions is not just a website; it represents an ethos for authentic engagement with a community of ideas. Such a community is built around peer intimacy. It is important to get together in person and share a night of talking and thinking to inspire new ideas in each other. “The Open” is precisely this space for discussion, presentation, and conversation about what matters most.

This space had its origin four years ago. I was living in a house with my two best friends, David Lassiter and Nick Clifford. David wanted to make us a new cocktail he was experimenting with, and Nick wanted to share some research he had done about the 2008 financial crisis. We realized that each of us had studied very different disciplines in college, and that it would be fun to share our expertise with each other in a formal space. Thus, DrunkTED was born, modeled after TED talks, but augmented with a new cocktail every time. These talks would transition into conversations and debates, and often end at sunrise. This series spanned four years and included many guest speakers. The origins of this book can even be traced back to a presentation of new material I did at DrunkTED called “On Nearness to Death,” which I also posted on EventalSpace.

The Open re-opens this space for comfortable yet intentional discussion. Once a month, in Los Angeles, my friends or I will host a nightlong event, centered on a new idea or book, some drinks, and our community. If you live in Los Angeles please reach out and join us!

This section will present documentation from these live events, such as presentation notes, conclusion thoughts, and event photographs.

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