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Intro to the Notebook

Ideas exist in the unconscious long before they are brought into language. In the unconscious, endless connections swirl in an ocean beneath thought, combining source material with direct experience to form new insight. When this new idea is ready to be born, it flows outward as inspiration.

I write these new ideas directly down in my notebook. If I’m driving then I’ll record a voice memo on my phone, which I later transcribe. Often I’ll use the app Evernote so I can organize and categorize these ideas. There are even moments in the shower or at the gym when I have to repeat the wording of the idea over and over in my head until I can get to paper and pencil.

This section presents scans from my planning notebook alongside brief descriptions for context. My intention is to render the chaotic but thrilling process of inspiration transparently in its most raw state. These are the ideas as they first came to me, which will then be revised and integrated into the outline, and later polished during the writing process.

I encourage you to comment with free association, letting these notes spark new ideas and new interpretations of your own.


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